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Profit and taxes

When and how do I receive the benefits that correspond to me??

Every three months, within 20 days after the close of each season, the company will credit in your account your benefits. You will have direct access to your account through internet.

You can request benefits be sent to you as you wish.

Specifically your benefits pay days are:
April 5, July 5, October 5 and January 5 of every year

¿When do I start to earn? What happens while the villas are finished and occupied?

From the very day of reception of your payment you are starting to get your benefits. While the villas are finished and occupied you will receive the guaranteed benefit of 14.4% per year in high season and 9.5% per year in the low season. The villas are expected to be fully available during 2019.

Do I also participate in restaurant profits and other resort revenue?

Your participation is only on the rental benefits of the 18 suites of the fund. There is no participation in the income of the other suites or the services of restaurants, bars, excursions, etc. of the resort. These benefits correspond to the shareholders.

Who pays the money transfers?

If you make the payment of your shares by bank transfer the cost of the transfer is at your expense. There is a cost that our bank charges us, approximately 60 dollar, per transfer that we assume.
The cost of transferring funds to you is on your side and is discounted from your wired profits.

What taxes should I have to pay in Panama and in my country?

You do not have to pay any tax in Panama. The company pays taxes on sales and credit it to you without withholdings.

Do you declare my investment in my country?

No, nor are we required to declare this type of investment to any government but Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela,  USA.  This offer is valid neither for Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela nor USA