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Buy your membership now and get

up to 62% discount on accommodation

plus 25% discount on all purchases at our resort

Buy NOW a membership of 10,000 to 25,000 points

and prepare your luggage, because paying just a 30%

you will get all these "Gift Programs"


Our "Experiences" program

Our "GET AWAY" program for 3 years (You can extend it later)

Our "EXCHANGE" program for 3 years (You can extend it later)

Exclusive travel benefits  (Provided directly by RCI Travel-U.S.A.)

That's right, a rain of holidays for your family to live unforgettable memories.
You can give them as a gift, perhaps to your children, or might be to your parents so that they can also share your success.
At the end of the day what really matters is the happiness of our family and loved ones

Take now our financial package up to 4 years without interest

You use the points like cash to pay your reservation

or to exchange with other destinations within the RCI exchange program

with more than 4000 resorts around the world

  • You can buy your membership and pay online with your credit card through our secure server

  • You can also pay by bank wire transfer, Western Union or in some countries through our agents

  • All prices are in US dollars and do not include local taxes

  • When payment of 30% is confirmed you will receive by email your "Membership Agreement" and "Gift Programs" with activation codes. Additional instructions to assist you in managing your reservations will be sent in the email.  From that point you can start making your reservations.

  • Through the website You choose the villa and the dates you want, make a reservation and pay with your points

  • You can spend your points in the same year or in many years, together or in separate dates

  • You can not use points during some years and later use them in another year

  • You can assign your points to third parties or give your points to family or friends

  • And as a member you have 25% discount on all foods, beverages, tours and shows at our resort.

NOTE: Price of memberships may change without previous notice

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