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Our concept of service

Bring you everything needed to make your experience ideal

A corner of the Caribbean Sea, with crystal clear water, sandy bottoms, coral reefs and colorful fish giving life to an environment preserved in its purest form


Combining comfort and luxury these spacious suites come with 2 bedrooms, individual bathroom, and are also fully furnished and tastefully decorated


Magnificent private beaches with white sand and clear waters


Restaurants & Lounges, both ashore and over the sea to taste the delights that nature gives us in this region


A fresh and ample room to make your enjoyment be total

The Bungalows authentically decorated rest area with a illuminated glass floor is a living screen of multicolored fishes, perfect for sharing moments with your partner at night.

Your spacious suite is equipped with everything you could need to keep you connected to the outside world: cell phone, internet, plasma screen, music on demand, etc..

As the owner of a "timeshare" in Caribbean Nature, you can organize your stay as you wish without restrictions and you will rediscover and experience unforgettable sensations in company of family and friends



These outstanding properties have been designed by architects and interior decorators of the minimalist modern school. The noble materials, wood, ceramics and polymeric components create a lasting and extraordinary traditional Caribbean setting


Some of these images may correspond to facilities that are not available or completed at this time