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Discover an unknown world

Sailing canoe on the rivers of the jungle. See exotic animals and enjoy the silence, broken only by birds and monkeys

Taking photographs to the lazy monkeys

Remarkable visit to an indigenous tribe. Tribal dance performance, know their ancestral customs. Opportunity to see how they produce their beautiful handcrafts. Eat and dialogue with them. An experience not to be missed

You can also go hiking forest trails with an indigenous guide who will tell you how to live
in perfect union with
Mother Nature

Trip to the Dolphin Lagoon. Early morning these dolphins, free in their natural environment,
greet visitors, enjoying their presence.

Don't be surprised to find dolphins in your daily excursions. They live there


For scuba diving lovers, tour to Cayo Zapatilla. Fantastic coral reefs.

And if you do not dive, it does not matter, lie in the sun or go swimming in these magnificent waters

If you like fishing, go out to the ocean to find that specimen you will always remember. (But only on photography, because we practice "catch and release", that is we return to the sea any animal that we will not eat)

Visit the Bastimentos Marine National Park.
Discover the fantastic color frogs the size of a thumbnail

Visit the Beach of Stars. Thousands of starfish
on a sand and crystal clear water.
The image you ever wanted
grasp with your camera

And get to know the true flavor
of Afro-Antillean Caribbean.
Its dances and meals

NOTE: Tours are not included in the price of accommodation