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Our Foundation

We the developers of the project CARIBBEAN NATURE are committed to social development of marginalized groups and disabled people in Panama, by means of two institutions funded entirely by us, without resorting to governmental contributions

Our "Panamanian Foundation for the social and occupational integration of marginalized and disabled people" carries out projects at several places in the country.

In the area of our project we have a program to incorporate indigenous people to the business of tourism.

For this aim we have conditioned some Indian villages near the project including them in the routes of tourist and our guest visitors.
Entrance to the Indian village of SANDUBIDI
Accommodation for visitors
Entrance dock
Sale of handicrafts
House of the place
Houses decorated with indigenous motifs
Kiosk and elementary school
Area for shows and dancing
To rainforest trail
Another house of the place
Rainforest trail
View from viewpoint
Blue Dolphin is the island first
Dock to rainforest trail
Covered area for spectacles
Handcrafts of the Ngobe-Bugle
Wishing us safe journey

Rainforest trail map