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How to buy?

Can I buy all the shares of a villa?

Currently there are only 65 available participations at 1,950.00 dollars. 

Can I buy a single part.?

Yes, the minimum amount you can buy is ONE participation.

Can I buy shares at any time? Are they going always to cost the same?

You can buy at any time you want as long as there are participations available. You should also keep in mind that the price of the participations is going to increase progressively.

So far, we have only 400 shares on sale  intended for up to 50 investors and the price of each share is 1,950.00 dollars (THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED FIFTY US DOLLARS).

Within 2 to 3 months, when the first phase of the resort is running, another 400 participations will go on sale but at the price of 2,950.00 dollars. And so on in the future.

How is the payment made when buying the participations ?

Payment can be made by bank transfer and Western Union.

Can I pay in the currency of my country?

The sale price and the transfers are always in dollars. In a country where we receive payments locally, you can use the local currency taking into account the free exchange rate at the time of payment.

Do you finance the purchase of the participations ?

You can buy a number of participations to be sure of the availability and to keep the current price, and pay them at the rate of at least one participation every month.
We do not charge you any interest.

Can I travel to see the works? Do I get paid travel expenses?

Of course we will be delighted to welcome you to our Panama offices and to the resort.
If you purchase a minimum of 10 participations we will give you a week of accommodation for 2 people in a hotel in the resort area or within the resort itself, if there are rooms available.
Airfare and consumption are at your expense.