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What documents do I receive when I invest?

You receive a " CERTIFICATE of PARTICIPATIONS" plus a "PURCHASE-SALE AGREEMENT". Both documents are legalized before notary / clerk in Panama and apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which makes them valid documents in your country.

What are the companies that own the resort?

The resort is made up of two hotels, one on the sea and one on land.

The resort is owned by "CARIBBEAN NATURE CORP." Owner of the following two companies: BLUE DOLPHIN ISLAND INC. (Owner of the Island and Hotel on land), PALMS ISLANDS CORP. (Owner of the concession of sea and Hotel on the sea).

CARIBBEAN NATURE CORP. Is a member of "RCI" of the United States, a subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide. One of the biggest hotel chains in the world.

It is also a member of the "Chamber of Commerce of Panama" and the "Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Panama" where you can request references.

How can I see the official documents of the companies?

To see the official documents of the companies in the PANAMA PUBLIC REGISTRY through the internet, write to us and we will indicate how to access the information that is public.

What happens if a cataclysm affects the resort?

The area of the resort is outside the hurricane zone of the Caribbean and the United States, so there are no such phenomena. The facilities of the resort are insured against normal and catastrophic risks, which would cover the costs of repairing any damages..