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How many years will my participations last?

Your participations are permanent until you sell them to another person or company.

When the rental prices of the villas go up will my benefit also go up?

YES. The interesting point about this investment is that it will get updated over time because as international hotel prices rise your profit will also increase.
That is to say that it is an investment for quiet sleeping because it is inflation proof.

Is the ownership of the participations under my name?

Yes, the documents are in your name so we will need a copy of your identity document.

Can I designate heirs in my contract?

Yes, you can indicate in the contract who would be the heirs of your participations in case of death.

How do I do if I want to sell my shares?

You can sell the shares through a private contract in your country. You must notify us and send us a copy of the contract and identity document of the buyer so that we recognize the buyer.

Can I see the purchase contract?

Of course, ask for it and we shall send you a draft

Can I see the title of the participations ?

Of course, ask for it and we shall send you a draft