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the villas

From which villa will my participations come ?

The company has constituted a fund (package) with the following 18 best villas:

6 PLATINUM Villas ( Villas P1, P2, P3, P5, P6 y P7)
6 GOLD PLUS Villas ( Villas G10, G11, G12, G14, G15 y G16)
6 GOLD Villas ( Villas G7, G8, G9, G17, G18 y G19)

The sum of the income of the 18 villas is divided between 18 and that is the average income of each villa. In this way the hotel occupancy is distributed and it is not concentrated in a particular villa.

You can see the distribution of the 18 villas assigned to the program that are highlighted in red HERE

You can see the distribution of the 18 villas assigned to the program that are highlighted in red HERE

¿Soy propietario de una villa?

No, usted no es propietario, sino que usted es beneficiario de una parte de los beneficios producidos por el alquiler de la villa (Es usufructuario)

What happens if my villa does not get rented and others do??

Your participation is in the 18 villas so there is no risk that if a villa does not get rented that will affect only you. If there is any day without renting, it would be distributed among the 18 villas.

Who does control the occupation and the sales?

The PANAMA TOURIST AUTHORITY (ATP) , an official agency under the Government of the Nation, controls and verifies the occupation and prices charged on each night of occupation.

Where is  the resort island exactly located?

You can see our "Blue Dolphin Island" (Johnson Cay according to the American charts) in Google by entering following coordinates: 9.242N 82.155W or by clicking  HERE.

To locate the international airport of Bocas del Toro that is 12 km from our island, enter following coordinates: 9.340N 82.242W or by clicking 

At "Information label" in the top menu you will find more details about this matter.

What is the current status of the works?

You can see photographs of the works on our website in the top menu in "Invest with us" and "Latest news"


and taxes

When and how do I receive the benefits that correspond to me??

Every three months, within 20 days after the close of each season, the company will credit in your account your benefits. You will have direct access to your account through internet.

You can request benefits be sent to you as you wish.

Specifically your benefits pay days are:
April 5, July 5, October 5 and January 5 of every year

¿When do I start to earn? What happens while the villas are finished and occupied?

From the very day of reception of your payment you are starting to get your benefits. While the villas are finished and occupied you will receive the guaranteed benefit of 14.4% per year in high season and 9.5% per year in the low season. The villas are expected to be fully available during 2017/2018.

Do I also participate in restaurant profits and other resort revenue?

Your participation is only on the rental benefits of the 18 suites of the fund. There is no participation in the income of the other suites or the services of restaurants, bars, excursions, etc. of the resort. These benefits correspond to the shareholders.

Who pays the money transfers?

If you make the payment of your shares by bank transfer the cost of the transfer is at your expense. There is a cost that our bank charges us, approximately 60 dollar, per transfer that we assume.
The cost of transferring funds to you is on your side and is discounted from your wired profits.

What taxes should I have to pay in Panama and in my country?

You do not have to pay any tax in Panama. The company pays taxes on sales and credit it to you without withholdings.

Do you declare my investment in my country?

No, nor are we required to declare this type of investment to any government but Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela,  USA.  This offer is valid neither for Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela nor USA

How to buy? Can I buy all the shares of a villa?

Currently there are only 65 available participations at 1,950.00 dollars.

Can I buy a single part.?

Yes, the minimum amount you can buy is ONE participation.

Can I buy shares at any time? Are they going always to cost the same?

You can buy at any time you want as long as there are participations available. You should also keep in mind that the price of the participations is going to increase progressively.

So far, we have only 400 shares on sale intended for up to 50 investors and the price of each share is 1,950.00 dollars (ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED FIFTY US DOLLARS).

Within 2 to 3 months, when the first phase of the resort is running, another 400 participations will go on sale but at the price of 2,950.00 dollars. And so on in the future.

How is the payment made when buying the participations ?

Payment can be made by bank transfer and Western Union.

Can I pay in the currency of my country?

The sale price and the transfers are always in dollars. In a country where we receive payments locally, you can use the local currency taking into account the free exchange rate at the time of payment.

Do you finance the purchase of the participations ?

You can buy a number of participations to be sure of the availability and to keep the current price, and pay them at the rate of at least one participation every month.
We do not charge you any interest.

Can I travel to see the works? Do I get paid travel expenses?

Of course we will be delighted to welcome you to our Panama offices and to the resort.
If you purchase a minimum of 10 participations we will give you a week of accommodation for 2 people in a hotel in the resort area or within the resort itself, if there are rooms available.
Airfare and consumption are at your expense.

Contracts How many years will my participations last?

Your participations are permanent until you sell them to another person or company.

When the rental prices of the villas go up will my benefit also go up?

YES. The interesting point about this investment is that it will get updated over time because as international hotel prices rise your profit will also increase.
That is to say that it is an investment for quiet sleeping because it is inflation proof.

Is the ownership of the participations under my name?

Yes, the documents are in your name so we will need a copy of your identity document.

Can I designate heirs in my contract?

Yes, you can indicate in the contract who would be the heirs of your participations in case of death.

How do I do if I want to sell my shares?

You can sell the shares through a private contract in your country. You must notify us and send us a copy of the contract and identity document of the buyer so that we recognize the buyer.

Can I see the purchase contract?

Of course, please ask for a draft

Can I see the title of the participations ?

Of course, please ask for a draft


What documents do I receive when I invest?

You receive a " CERTIFICATE of PARTICIPATIONS" plus a "PURCHASE-SALE AGREEMENT". Both documents are legalized before notary / clerk in Panama and apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which makes them valid documents in your country.

What are the companies that own the resort?

The resort is made up of two hotels, one on the sea and one on land.

The resort is owned by "CARIBBEAN NATURE CORP." Owner of the following two companies: BLUE DOLPHIN ISLAND INC. (Owner of the Island and Hotel on land), PALMS ISLANDS CORP. (Owner of the concession of sea and Hotel on the sea).

CARIBBEAN NATURE CORP. Is a member of "RCI" of the United States, a subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide. One of the biggest hotel chains in the world.

It is also a member of the "Chamber of Commerce of Panama" and the "Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Panama" where you can request references.

How is my investment guaranteed?

Your investment is guaranteed by our company (CARIBBEAN NATURE CORP) and in additional solidarity by the other companies BLUE DOLPHIN ISLAND INC. and PALMS ISLANDS CORP. who guarantee with their properties, that is to say the hotels and the island where they are built, to respond for the amounts you invested plus the benefits that correspond to you over time.


The guaranteed minimum benefits of the first year are guaranteed at the request of the investor through a BANK GUARANTEE issued by a leading bank in Panama. This guarantee is "on demand", ie the bank pays it simply against the presentation of the guarantee document, without any condition or restriction. If after a year you renew your participation then you can renew the bank guarantee

How can I see the official documents of the companies?

To see the official documents of the companies in the PANAMA PUBLIC REGISTRY through the internet, write to us and we will indicate how to access the information that is public.

What happens if a cataclysm affects the resort?

The area of the resort is outside the hurricane zone of the Caribbean and the United States, so there are no such phenomena. The facilities of the resort are insured against normal and catastrophic risks, which would cover the costs of repairing any damages.

Other benefits Will my family or I have any benefits or discounts at the resort?

As a member of the company, you and your family will receive a 25% discount on services and accommodations at the resort.
If you acquire a minimum of 10 participations we will give you a week of accommodation for 2 people in a hotel in the resort area or in the resort itself if there are rooms available.
Airfare and consumption are at your expense.

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