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Foreign purchase process



The procedure for buying shares is as follows:

1-For our Legal Department to issue a draft of the "Purchase Contract" and the "Shares Certificate", you must provide us with the following information:

•Name :
•Address for mail. (No POB because the original documents will be sent to this address by DHL):
•Post Code:
•Telephone for contact:
• Number of shares you want to buy at US $ 1,950.00 each:
• Copy of an identity document (Passport or ID):

2-We will send you by email the drafts of the "Purchase Contract" and the "Shares Certificate" in your name for you to review and approve.

Once you approve the documents, you will have to send a confirmation payment of US$ 350.00 through Western Union.

3-Once we receive your confirmation payment we will send the originals of the "Purchase Contract" and the "Shares Certificate" already issued in your name, to your address by DHL courier service.
Both documents are notarized in Panama and certified with the Apostille of The Hague of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama.

4-When you have the original documents in your hands you must make the payment of the balance as agreed in the contract.
Also at that time you can indicate the way or bank account where you want to receive your payments.

5-Once the payment of the shares is received, we will send you the access data to your account on the Internet so that you can see the status of your investment at all times.