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Local Info

The country,  Panama

  • Currency: U.S. Dollar (Balboa only in coins)
  • Climate: Tropical - Average temperatures: 77ºF to 84ºF all year
  • Population:  3.322.576  Inhabitant (Census 2010)
  • Area: 78.200 km2
  • Government system: Presidential republic with unicameral Parliament
  • Hours: The time difference is (UTC-05:00) that is 5 hours less than London, equal to U.S. Eastern Time and Canada

The capital city, Panama City


Panama is......

A world renowned financial center

Panama is a major banking center in the world where more than 100 institutions have established headquarters here. The local currency is the U.S. Dollar.
A Logistics and Commercial Hub

Due to its geographical situation Panama is one of the most important logistics centers in the world. The Colon Free Zone is the second largest after Hong Kong. It registers the busiest ports in Latin America.

A hub of flight connections throughout the region

Panama has direct flights to major cities in the United States and Latin America being a transit point for travelers throughout the area.

Panama enjoys a privileged location in America and the world because it is obligatory route between two oceans
New Infrastructures

The Panama Canal expansion project will attract an estimated $10 billion dollars in the coming years. The development of the Howard area further $30 billion.

Great plans for infrastructure, highways, subway, renewal of public transport, etc, are underway by the current administration.

Foreign investment

International companies, oil, mining, distribution, have projected and are investing millions of dollars in refineries and other facilities.


First class Medical Services

Panama has first class medical services recognized worldwide. These services are an incentive for foreigners to change their residence to Panama. The population has Social Security services and medical coverage even in remote areas.


But above all that Panama is a natural paradise

Panama has the greatest biodiversity of America.

Thousands of different species that surprise the traveler, and all framed by unspoilt nature