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  • Palms Islands Resort view
  • Sunset in the resort
  • Sun, fun, happiness
  • Blue Dolphin Island Resort and subaquatic bar.
  • Our neighbors the dolphins
  • Relax and beaches
  • Reception at Palms Islands Resort
  • This is life
  • Bungalows on the sea
  • Caribbean Nature Eco-Luxury Marine Resort

The most exclusive VACATION CLUB in the Caribbean

Enjoy the life at your bungalow

Deep Sea Fishing:
Almost never fails
Fantastic tour to
an Indian village

Special promotion for your wedding, honey moon, romantic getaway

Memorable ceremony on the beach


Panama and the sea

An amazing combination

Watch this great video

in full screan


A world of
flowers and colours
Free, personal
 sailing courses
Don't miss when
turtles arrive  
Owner: Remember
that you can accumulate
your points
and use them together
in the same year

Take pictures at coral reefs. We lend you the subaquatic camera

Canoes and snorkel diving
equipment are free
Visit Dolphin Bay